Best Digital Camera For Christmas

Best Digital Camera For Christmas

Every year we’re faced with trying to figure out what to buy everyone on our Christmas list. Doesn't it seem that no matter what time of year, the Christmas gift giving season is always bearing down upon us? Wouldn’t it great to be considered the best gift-giver in your family? You want to find just the right gift for each person on your list. You don't want to be run of the mill and you don't want the average, boring gifts that get stuffed into a closet and forgotten until it is re-gifted to someone else. You definitely don’t want to be the person who’s known as a great source of re-gifting.

With Christmas around the corner, are you thinking of a camera as a gift for your teenager who is a keen amateur photographer, without breaking the bank in the process? Then the Samsung Tl240-Digital camera is a strong contender. Read on and we will share just some of the functions that will appeal to enthusiasts and casual photographers alike.

As you can see, Samsung proudly introduces another in its line of leading edge digital camera technology. The Samsung TL240 lets you see every scene in a completely new and exciting way. A host of top-ranked features and technologies, turns this camera into a true must-have. And the small, handheld size makes it easy to take it with you everywhere you go. Most big camera manufacturers use Schneider Kreuznach lenses as they are renowned for producing the best quality pictures. This little camera is fitted with a 31mm wide angle multi-coated lens in delivering clear, clean images with even resolution from center to edges. By minimizing flaring or ghosting and ensuring even resolution across the entire lens you get a great, clean and clear image with every shot.

The Samsung TL240 is a 14-Megapixel compact camera with a 7x optical zoom lens, and a large 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD.This awesome camera captures images of beautiful landscapes, entire wedding parties and skyscrapers without having to back up to get the shot. The TL240's Smart Auto shooting mode takes all the guesswork out of your picture taking, and they've also added a new Smart Auto movie function. The TL240 boasts features like: 720p HD video (H.264 format), , Smart Gesture UI (a built-in accelerator that allows hand movements to become commands that the camera will react to), Smart Face Recognition (recognizing up to 20 faces or the most often photographed subjects), Smart Album (automatically organizes your photos by type, date, color, week, and face) and Dual Image Stabilization (OIS + DIS).

Big camera users often depend on big flashes and tripods to get the perfect shot. But, this little version sports Dual Image Stabilisers (IS). If you find your hand trembling at bit the optical IS will adjust the lens position and if there is still more adjustment needed the digital IS will automatically step in. The combination of IS technology work seamlessly and quietly to produce blur-free pictures.

The Samsung TL240 digital camera will keep your teenager (and you) busy and happily snapping and making videos of family, friends and life in general. It is a clever little camera with a well-designed body that fits in your pocket, but is packed with many features that you would expect to find in a bigger brother. Another Christmas gift decision made easier!