Choose Plasma Vs LCD TV

Choose Plasma Vs LCD TV?

This article is the second one in the series about plasma vs LCD TV. In the previous article, we talk about purchasing a new HDTV, the general information about what to seek in a new HDTV. Now we will discuss about the difference in quality in plasmas and LCD TVs. It depends on your room lighting.

Short explanation

When the light in the room where the TV is installed is very bright, this light will reflect on the screen surface causing what is called a glare. This glare can ruin the TV watching experience, as you will not be able to see clearly the pictures shown on the screen. If the HDTV has the capacity to emit a stronger light than the ambient light, you will not encounter this problem. That is why, when we talk about plasma vs LCD TV, room lighting comes into play. HDTVs must also have anti-glare properties in order to give us the best experience, so this aspect cannot be neglected. Let's see what each of HDTV models delivers under these circumstances.

Watching plasma in a dark room

Both LCD and plasma offer great quality pictures, but they behave differently when ambient light is involved. As plasma screens are generally more reflective that those used in an LCD design, they tend to be less competitive in a room washed over by sunlight. On the other hand, in a dark room, one can enjoy the best quality picture with their plasma, as well as when the room is only dimly lit.

Watching LCD TV in a brightly lit room

In all fairness, if you are the type of person that enjoys watching television during the day, or in a room with all the lights on, or very bright sunlight, you will discover that an LCD is the best option for you. Despite the reputation plasma enjoys regarding picture quality, it will generally have lower performances under such conditions, than an LCD.

Making the right choice

As you can easily see, in plasma vs LCD TV competition, room lighting is a very important factor. It really depends on your needs to find out which model to purchase.

If you like to watch television with the lights off, then plasma could be the best solution for you. But, if you like to pass your time in front of the TV, in full daylight, then an LCD TV may be the best recommendation.

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