Expressive Wedding Ideas

Expressive Wedding Ideas

There are many sentimental Wedding ideas to make the ceremony a memorable event. Name your tables after destinations you’ve visited together, and include your favourite photo from that spot. Name your tables after places that have special meaning to you as a couple, and include a caption explaining why that place is significant.

Guests pick out some beautiful cards and write sweet messages inside - you won’t want to throw them out! But instead of shoving them in a drawer, never to be seen again, turn them into a beautiful keepsake by creating a mini album. Following are few other sentimental Wedding ideas that would make the ceremony a memorable experience for one and all.

Ceremony Ideas: For a one-of-a-kind keepsake, hire an artist to paint your wedding ceremony as it happens. Craft a custom box for your wedding rings; not only will it look adorable when your ring bearer carries it down the aisle, but you can use it to hold your rings long after you say “I do.” Instead of having your guests toss bird seeds or flower petals as you leave the ceremony, toss something meaningful to you and your family - this couple used wheat from the groom’s family farm. Create a signature drink that appeals to both of your palates, and name it a portmanteau of your names. Put the reasons why you love each other on display. After the wedding, hang these in your bedroom for a daily reminder of your love for each other.

Personalized Decor: Display your “love story” at the ceremony entrance. You can also include your love story and all of the must-know details of your big day on one oversized poster. Display “dating facts” along the way to your ceremony location. Line your aisle with photos of you two growing up - start with baby photos at the back, getting older as you approach the altar. We love this fun way to help guests get to know the bride or groom better! Create personalized cards with five fun facts about him for the bride’s guests and five fun facts about her for the groom’s guests. Give your dessert table an even sweeter feel by hanging a photo timeline of your years together above it. At the sweetheart table, hang childhood photos from your chairs.

Guest Books: If you and your guests are religious, a signed Bible makes a wonderful guest book. Ask each guest to sign next to their favourite Bible verse. Have one of your engagement photos broken up into a puzzle! Each guest can sign a piece of the puzzle, representing that they make you “you.” Ask each guest to sign a scrap of fabric; compile all of the pieces into a one-of-a-kind quilt that you can proudly display in your new home together. Place a booklet on each table with a prompt that guests can answer. Encourage them to swap booklets with another table once everyone has filled it out. Set up a photo area, and provide a chalkboard and chalk for guests to leave you photographed messages. Have each guest sign a small wooden heart and drop it in a shadow box frame. This creative guest book becomes a fun piece of art in your home after the wedding.

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