Houston Wedding Planning

Houston Wedding Planning

When planning a wedding there are so many decisions to make, couples can easily become overwhelmed. Beyond the big decisions like budget, location and menu, are thousands of details that must also be considered. Any smart couple knows that they can’t do it on their own. Even if they can’t afford a wedding planner, resources and contacts will need to be compiled in order to ensure their wedding is a success. Here are just a few free resources you can use to minimize your stress and enjoy your big day!

1. Google Wedding: This is a great new tool from Google that compiles all the applications and programs we know and love from the website, and applies them to wedding planning. You can organize wedding theme google docs and share them with your friends. You can post pictures of potential dresses, locations, etc. for your friends and family to comment on. It’s just a great way to organize your information and provides a great platform for collaborating with your friends and getting feedback.

2. Theknot.com: Probably the absolute best wedding website ever. You can search for information on all the hot new wedding dress styles (in any price range) and check out trends in decorations and themes. There’s tons of tips and articles on everything from catering to floral arrangements, to the wedding venue itself. There are also many different forums where you can get advice from experts and other brides who share their tips and experiences.

Although these websites are great places to start, there are thousands of websites on the internet to help you plan and see what options are out there. For example, you don’t need a wedding planner to tell you all the great, affordable, venues in your area. Just search for reception halls in Houston (or whatever city you live in) and watch all your choices come to light. Once you have a few options, check out their websites and what people are saying about them online.