How Bad Habits Affect Hair Quality

How Bad Habits Affect Hair Quality

Hair fall, hair thinning and hair loss problems are a few of the conditions that all of us dont want to experience or greatly dread.

Since our hair adds charm and beauty to our personality, the lack of it can make us look less desirable and years older, creating a devastating effect on our self-confidence and attitude towards life.

Indeed, losing our hair can make us lose our self-esteem in the process. It can create emotional constraints that can make us feel vulnerable and sad.

Hair loss and hair thinning problems are due to various factors. Some hair loss causes might be attributed to diseases, medications, infections, heredity and ageing. Still other causes are due to improper diet, poor hair care habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Smoking, drinking and over-styling the hair are poor lifestyle and hair care choices that cause hair loss and hair thinning problems in both men and women.


Cigarette smoking is believed to affect the quality of the hair in various ways. It makes the hair look dull, lifeless and brittle.

The harmful toxins present in cigarettes may build up in the body and attack the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. In addition, the microcirculation of the dermal papilla — the area at the base of the hair follicle, may constrict so less nourishment will arrive to assist in the hair growth process.


Alcohol is one of the many causes of hair loss. It causes dehydration in the body, making the hair dull, dry and brittle.

Drinking too much alcohol leads to hair loss and hair thinning problems since the toxins found in alcoholic beverages stop the body from absorbing key vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium and protein that are essential for hair growth.


Over-styling the hair causes hair loss because some styling tools and hair treatment products place great stress on the hair. Heating styling tools like curlers, permers, straighteners and hair products like gels, hair sprays and hair dyes can make the hair brittle, dry and easily damaged.

Bottom Line

Hair fall, hair thinning and hair loss problems are not always due to heredity, ageing or medical conditions. Sometimes, it can be the effect of bad habits.

With that, in order to prevent hair loss and attain fuller, thicker and healthier hair, it is essential to stop your bad habits and change your lifestyle for the best.