How To Use Charm Beads To Make A Bracelet

How To Use Charm Beads To Make A Bracelet

Making charm bracelets is a very popular activity. While you can use any beads for your bracelet and put them together in any design it is usually a good idea to look at how other people have done it to get some ideas about what works and what doesn't. Once you have a good design putting together the bracelet is pretty simple.

Obviously the first step in creating a bracelet is to get some beads. There are lots of places that you can get them from, lots of stores sell them and they are also available online. One of the biggest challenges that you will have is determining how many you need. You will largely have to estimate this but there are some guidelines that you can use. A bracelet is normally about two inches longer than the distance around your wrist. If you measure this distance you should be able to get a good idea of how many beads you need. Even then you should probably order a few extra ones just in case.

When it comes to which beads to get you have complete freedom to go with any type that you like. Most people however find that the best designs are the ones that use a few charms and then use glass beads to fill in the space in between. When choosing beads for bracelets the only really important thing to keep in mind is that you want to get ones that have big holes as it will make it easier to put them on the wire.

Once you have the charm beads that you are going to use you will need to determine the design that you want to use. It is best to plan this out before you start actually putting the bracelet together. The easiest way to do this is to get a towel and lay everything out on it. Using a towel will keep the beads from rolling away. You will also find that it is a good idea to cut a piece of wire to length before you start laying out beads for your bracelet. This will allow you to determine how long it will be before you start designing.

When it comes to the wire that you use you can use any wire that you like. Most people use standard wire but you can use gold or silver if you want. The important thing is to make sure that you choose a wire that is strong enough. As mentioned above the length should be two inches longer than the diameter of the wrist but you will want to make the wire a little bit longer than that.

The reason that you need to make the wire a little bit longer than you need is that you need to have some extra wire to close the loop. When you get the beads for your bracelet you will get a toggle piece and a crimp bead. Once you have them in front of you it will be pretty obvious how to use them, just make sure that leave a little bit of extra wire. At this point all you have to do is put the beads on the wire and then crimp it shut when you reach the end.