Plasma Lcd Stabilization Have Room For Growth To Accelerate Delisting Crt

Plasma Lcd Stabilization Have Room For Growth To Accelerate Delisting Crt

Afternoon, the largest color TV sales channels Suning in Beijing "2008 color TV Consumer Forum", convened on the color TV industry chain, together with the pack of TV consumption trends, 2008. Forum, as host Suning north China region president Fan Zhijun management headquarters, the State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy Institute deputy director Lu Renbo, Beijing Gehua Television Network Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Luo cloth, Sino Market Research Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Ping Ye, and Sharp, Samsung, Skyworth, Hisense, TCL and other mainstream brands currently on the market on behalf of a factory Toward 2008 TV consumer trends.

CRT TV sales fell 7% steady amount of share of LCD TV sales up 54%

Ye Ping pointed out that the first half of 2007, CRT TV market, a steady decrease of 7% over the previous year, Sino market research firm released data show that the first half of 2007, the LCD TV market is still growing rapidly, and in the first half year growth rate 140%, sales reached 3.34 million units, the proportion of sales volume reached 54% of the overall color TV, 16 percent higher than the CRT TV. In the primary market, CRT TV sales have accounted for less than 15%, Beijing Suning statistics also show that, in 2007 in the first half, accounting for flat-panel TV sales have exceeded 90%.

2008 live TV Consumer Forum

The proportion of stabilization of large-screen LCD TV 50-inch plasma up to 16%

Ye Ping pointed out that the first half of 2007, LCD TV specification structure has gradually stabilized, 40-inch and above large-screen LCD TV is basically stable at around 33% of the share, while the proportion of 32-inch LCD TV has been steady in the 36-38 % or so. First half of 2007 plasma TV's specification structure has changed dramatically, the proportion of 50 inches to 16% in Q2 as high as 21.6%, while the 42-inch WXGA (line with China's high-definition standards) specifications of products quickly increased to 26% the proportion of ordinary 42-inch VGA products (SD) proportion dropped to 41% for the first time.

CRT speed delisting

Lu Renbo forecast the second half of the domestic color TV production industry will continue to maintain a small increase, the total basic flat with a year earlier, but the product structure, in the second half, CRT TV's share will decline further reduced than in the first half 5.1 percentage points. The LCD TV share will increase 5.4 percent, the share of plasma TVs will also have a more significant upgrade, about 8-10 percent range, product structure adjustment and seasonal fluctuations in demand lead to changes in industry production and marketing factors . Lu Renbo introduced to speed up the delisting of the other large CRT TVs are flat panel TVs help lower prices, the current 32-inch LCD, 32 inch plasma price of about 4999 yuan, and 34-inch digital high-definition, the average price of 4,500 yuan, has almost the same , while with the liquid crystal panel, plasma panel cutting technology to mature, the cost will further reduce, when the very size of the flat-panel TV prices are lower than CRT TVs, it's Imagine, consumers will buy a CRT TV it? The experts agreed that the next year, CRT TVs will gradually withdraw from the primary market.

Big screen TV products will be based, high-definition technology

TV is moving digital, flat-based, large-screen directions, consumers also need high definition, large screen, cost-effective products. In particular sporting events, consumer-definition, have higher requirements for quality. For example, in accordance with the plan, the 2008 Olympic Games will be the first time in Olympic history with full high-definition broadcast equipment, sporting event. Consumer If you want a better visual effect will require large-screen high-definition television.

Both during the Olympic Games or in the future, consumers will demand high definition big screen continues to grow. 40-inch big screen TV is the TV for more than a big source of profit for companies, prices will drop further to reach the average consumer acceptance of price, 42-inch, 46 inch, 50 inches will also become the mainstream of future market size.

Forum Finally, Fan Zhijun, announced this week Suning will join dozens of major domestic and foreign TV makers start round the theme of "take you in advance into 2008," Section VIII of the National TV Festival, integrated focus on industry resources to the most powerful means to release the potential of high-definition consumer dream, it is learned will be high-definition TVs, the average reduction is as high as 20%. Coincides with the annual consumption of most TV season?? Gold 9 silver 10 on the eve of Suning's generous bound to set off 07 full HD market.

Beijing Suning said Wang Jun, assistant general manager for the upcoming TV Festival and National Day Golden Week, Suning to Sharp, Samsung, Sony, Skyworth, TCL, Hisense, Haier, Changhong, Konka, Panasonic, LG, Philips and other leading brands, dished out a purchase order from 1 billion yuan, of which 50% of special machines, color TV sets accounted for 60% of the joint venture, large-screen high-definition TV 40%. Made below 3,000 32-inch LCD, a joint venture 32-inch LCD below 4,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan below 42-inch LCD, a joint venture below 6,000 yuan, 42-inch LCD, 46 inch / 47 inch LCD below 9,000 yuan, a joint venture 46-inch / 47-inch LCD below 10,000 yuan, 5,390 yuan original 32-inch HD Plasma TV below 5,000 yuan, and does not limit sales, original price 11,900 yuan of 42-inch full HD LCD below 10,000 yuan, and does not limit sales of the original price of 22,900 yuan 52-inch Full HD LCD below 20,000, unlimited sales ... ...

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